Titanium dioxide free (TiO2-free) Scanning Sprays 
The essential ingredient in practically all matting- or scanning-sprays is titanium dioxide (TiO2). According to the European Chemicals Agency ECHA, the inhalation of TiO2 particles is possibly carcinogenic. During the IDS 2019 the DENTACO has presented "TiO2-free" scansprays.


Now all our scanning sprays are available without titanium dioxide!


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New product:

For dental labs

Scanning sprays and occlusion sprays

For dental labs we offer under the brand DENTACO  (but also private-label) high-quality scanning- and occlusion sprays. Here we set standards especially with our super-fine spray fog and the outstanding high yield.

For dentists

Intraoral sprays and fluids for digital impressions, occlusion control, bruxism, etc.

For dentists we produce medical devices such as intraoral scanning sprays and liquids. Apart from this, we offer sprays and liquids for occlusion and bruxism control. 

For the industry

Matting sprays for 3D-imaging

For the industry we are the specialist for matting devices in the field of 3D-imaging. Our induscan' spray comes with three spray nozzles for powdering larger and smaller surfaces. The induscan' fluid  is ideal for all type of airbrush applications