Osscuusion liquid: The DENTACO Dentalindsutrie und Marketing GmbH, Bad Homburg is founded in bad Homburg with a „white-out for teeth“ fort he detection of contact points.



Single-dose-packaging: A 2nd division, specialised on „single-dose-units“ is established.



Matting for the 3-D imaging: The first matting liquid is developed For the CEREC system (former Siemens Dental, today Sirona) in order to avoid reflections when scanning intraorally.



scan`sprayThe first scanning spray comes tot he market, setting the standards.



Dry technology: DENTACO‘s first „dry“ spray  for intraoral usage (scan`dry) is presented – followed by a intraoral contact point detection spray („re-check“).


2010Attmittance tot he VDDI (Association of German Dental Industry)



The new DENTACO: The DENTACO is moved from Bad Homburg to Essen and is now named DENTACO GmbH & Co. KG owned by Andreas Huber.



Certification oft he Quality Management acc. to DIN EN ISO 13485:2010. Attmittance tot he VDDI (Association of German Dental Industry)



New products, like the first 200 ml occlusionsspray are launched. Occlusion spray is available in four colors: Green, white, blue, red.




scan`spray stone; A new „dry scanning spray“ fort he dental lab is presented – so fine that it acts also as a „anti-bubble-spray“ when casting silicone impressions. 

Aerosolfree scanning spray: The first scan spray without a prpopellant (named scan`liquid)applied with the help of a nebulizer is developed. Patent pending.