Firing paste for stabilizing ceramic works in the dental lab 

  • Ready-to-use, stable but creamy ceramic firing paste paste
  • For fixing veneers, inlays and crowns on the firing pin during the firing and crystallization process
  • Also for the quick and easy production of individual firing trays
  • Can be shaped as required and is easy to apply
  • Can be easily removed residue-free after the firing - only with compressed air, without scratching or sandblasting
  • Prevents fire distortion and contamination
  • No drying time - heat resitant up to 1,500 ° C / 2,730 ° F


Single syringe containing 12 g /0,42 oz                      No. 400 600

Safety Data Sheet
SDS_255-8618-A_Fire' Paste_DE_en_1.0_17.
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