The DENTACO is a dental industry company active in two main fields:


Dental sprays for intra- and extraoral application


Scanning spray for dentists (intraoral)


  • scan`spray black & white (Intraoral scanning spray with black/white particles)
  • scan`spray luer blue (Classical blue scanspray, sturdy layer)
  • scan`dry plus (Special fine spray fog, immediate drying
  • protho`shine spray (Lustre spray for professionally cleaned dentures)

Scanning spray for dental labs, fort he industry and other usage:

  • scan`spray lab XL (500 ml, x-fine, can goes a long way)
  • scan`spray stone (200 ml, our finest spray, fastest drying, thinnest layer, best yield))
  • induscan`spray (same as scan‘ spray XL, but with fan nozzle fort he matting of larger surfaces)
  • scan‘ spray lab (Classical scan spray fort he dental lab, strong layer)

Occlusionspray in two can sizes: (75 and 200 ml) and three colors (green, red, blue)

  •  blue`spot („liquid occlusion paper“ paint-on application)

Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485: 2010 and works therefore on the basis of a quality management system for medical devices – modified from ISO 9001. 


We sell our products under our brand DENTACO, but we are specialized in private-labe-production for our key customers, labs, industry- and distributor companies from all over the world. Our R&D department looks forward to your specific demand. Contact and challenge us!