scan`spray stone

The „2in1 Spray“: Superfine scanning an bubble-free casting.


First Function: Superfine scanning spray for the dental lab.

  • Our special spray nozzle provides a superfine spray cloud of spray.
  • Dries immediately within seconds after spraying.
  • Very economic and yielding: Minimum 200 applications possible. Second Function: Casting without bubbles.

Second Function: Casting without bubbles.

  • A small cloud of the fine spray powder removes the surface tension of the silicone.
  • No troublesome bubble formation when casting silicone impressions.
  • Alcohol sprays and other expensive, slowly drying “problem solvers” are not necessary anymore.
  • Immediate sight control possible.
  • The precision of the impression remains unchanged.
  • The casting can be continued without any break. 
Aerosol spray (6.8 oz / 200 ml)                   Art.-No. 500 600 

scan`spray stone
Saftey data sheet
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