Totally new developed Scanning-Spray, aerosol-free thanks to a special pump-atomizer


  • Provides a super-thin, good adhering and even matting of all intraoral surfaces
  • Thixotropic: When applied scan’ liquid is high viscous and sticky, when air dried it flows thin and is evenly spread over the entire working field
  • Just push 4-5 times the atomizer and distribute the powder layer with a strong stream of air from the multifunctional syringe – the scan can be taken seconds after matting
  • Residues of saliva or blood cannot disturb the scanning anymore, they are removed with the strong drying stream of air
  • Extremely economic and yielding – 150-200 single tooth applications per bottle
  • Developed in cooperation with the Universities of Essen (Chemistry) and Witten-Herdecke (Dental) – patent pending
  • Extensively clinically tested an proven
  • Up to 5 times more productive than conventional scanning sprays
  • Without propellant gases 
Pump atomizer ( 1.0 oz / 30 ml)                      Art No. 400 200

Saftey data sheet
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